What Will 2017 Bring to IOTA?

 Happy New Year, IOTA members!  With the presidential election over and 2017 in progress, many new resolutions and changes are before us.  Governmental regulations, such as the IMPACT ACT, have and will continue to affect how Occupational Therapy practices.  As a professional, it is each of our responsibilities to know and engage in the regulation changes within our practice area(s).

 In Iowa, the Medicaid program transitioned to Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s), which has been a high priority.  Do you know if your Occupational Therapy services are being authorized and reimbursed by the MCO’s? If not, please engage in discussions with myself and Denise Behrends, Policy and Procedure Chairperson. 

 My advice to each of you is to research your practice area regulations and engage in review of evidence based research, also for your practice area. This information will be valuable to promote your services to your referral sources as well as clearly define what you are able to provide WITH your patients/residents/clients.  With 100 years of Occupational Therapy upon us as a profession,  can you articulate what Occupational Therapy is in 10 words or less?  Can you share this with 5 new people each week?

Happy 100 years OT!  

Best Regards,

Leanne O’Brien, IOTA President

On January 1, 2017, four new codes went into effect for occupational therapy evaluations.

There are now 3 levels of OT evaluation to replace CPT® code 97003 & one level of re-evaluation to replace CPT® 97004.

Occupational therapists can learn more about the new codes through the AOTA's webcast which is free to members and $24.95 for non-members.  




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In Pursuit of the Vision: OT Centennial Float in the Rose Bowl

AOTA and the Occupational Therapy Association of California partnered to bring OT to the Rose Bowl Parade.  The float includes a garden, Hull House, and OT practitioners and their clients.  The float was a part of support the goal of making occupational therapy a globally recognized profession as a part of the Centennial Vision.  Click here to see pictures of the float.