It is time to start planning your OT Month celebrations and and sharing OT with others. AOTA provides 10 suggestions:

  1. Use social media to share information about OT (check out You Tube videos about OT)
  2. Share information about OT with public audiences
  3. Share the activities you are doing via Facebook, IOTA website connections (IOTA members only), or IOTA Newsletter
  4. Provide a public service (e.g., back pack checks)
  5. Throw an OT Month Party
  6. Hold a fun contest
  7.  Honor someone (client, administrator, etc) who is "living life to the fullest"
  8. Inform your co-workers about OT
  9. Make house calls to physicians offices, business, etc to let them know about OT
  10. Visit PromoteOT.com for products and more suggestions.





Benefits of Membership

Membership in IOTA is growing. This is great news since IOTA is a member-driven organization and relies on the members to operate.  Membership dues are used to provide a fall conference, employing a lobbyist to protect consumers and the profession, scholarships, communication through website and newsletters, and encourages networking and professional growth.

Go to the Membership Page to join or renew today (credit cards accepted).

IOTA Scholarship

Students interested in IOTA student scholarships ($1000 for OTS and $500 for OTAS) are invited to complete the form on line by June 1, 2015.  See Education section for more information.  If you have questions--please contact Dr. Gloria Frolek Clark at gfrolekclark@gmail.com